Navigating the Bear Market in a crypto company

Crypto exchange layoffs? Young Platform is hiring!

Young Platform looks beyond the current market trend and continues with its recruitment plan. We’re here to explain why this is not a crazy move

The days at Young Platform move quickly. So too does the world of crypto. With everything moving at the speed of light, we try to keep up and make this universe accessible to everyone. It all starts with our colleagues in front of the coffee machine. We all work in crypto, but we specialise in many different areas. The Trading room shares crypto memes with the Social network team and the Developers listen to behind-the-scenes gossip coming from Customer Support. In this environment, we also see our wallets slipping more and more into the red. With a pat on the back, we say to newcomers: “first time?”. Your first bear market, just like your first Bitcoin, will never be forgotten.

The economic conditions in recent months have changed rapidly. The crisis in the crypto market (and beyond) is leading many companies in the sector to cut their recruitment. For some, the answer to this crisis is to cut labour costs through layoffs, and some may even regret having hired too much when the market was growing.  But at Young Platform, our hiring plan is tight and we intend to stick to it. It is not a reckless choice, and we are here to explain why. By the end of 2022, 52 more colleagues will have joined and maybe a single coffee machine will no longer be enough.

Bear markets pass but Young Platform’s mission remains

At Young Platform there are many open positions, a bear market (however long it lasts) will not stop our growth. We have decided to switch the perspective by taking advantage of this delicate moment to think outside the hype that overwhelms us when the market is going strong. We can ask ourselves with a clear mind: How are we working? Why do we do what we do? Young Platform’s mission will always remain the same: to facilitate the use and understanding of crypto and blockchain technology. We know what these tools can do for the world as we know it. We know that they can improve people’s lives. That is why in the face of it all, we have to keep building, and even in current conditions, the team needs to expand.

An example of this spirit is the listing of our token. YNG was launched on the market even when the market itself was not the most welcoming. Is that a bold move? No, the same reasoning also applies here: bear and bull markets will succeed each other, but the values behind Young Platform and its community will remain unchanged.

The invaluable value of the Young Platform team

When you join Young Platform you’ll have a lot to learn. You don’t have to be a great expert to start, but crypto education is a necessary tool and it has become our bread and butter. When you join Young Platform, you are aware that the industry is evolving and you cannot stand still. That’s why the talent Young Platform gathers comprises some of the most curious and active minds around. The Young Platform team is always ready to take cues from the swirling crypto world and to get involved at the most challenging of times. Working in crypto is not a job like any other, and it’s our mission that guides us through the difficulties. The inestimable value of Young Platform’s team lies in confrontation that leads to growth. Between the corridors of our office and our video calls that connect colleagues all over the world, peer-to-peer education is key. There is no such thing as crypto education.

The capital increase and our recruitment plan

On the 13th of June 2022 Young Platform closed a €16 million investment round led by Azimut, one of Europe’s leading independent asset managers. Banca Sella and United Ventures also participated in the round. This support for Young Platform’s growth will be visible in its recruitment plan. The forecast is to have a team of 110 crypto workers by the end of 2022.

You can view our open positions with this link:

Young Platform is officially registered with the OAM

Young Platform: registration with the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori

Young Platform is among the first Italian companies in the crypto industry registered with the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori

With the 13th of January, 2022 decree of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, a requirement was issued for companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector in Italy to register with the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) and provide quarterly reports. The registry for virtual currency operators was made public on the 27th of May, 2022, and Young Platform is the first officially registered company out of 14 on this date, as indicated by the registration number “PSV1.” Another 28 companies have pre-registered. 

What is the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori?

The OAM is the body that brings together professionals in the field of financial activities and credit brokers operating in Italy. The mission of the OAM is to protect consumers by guaranteeing the professionalism of companies and overseeing that their work complies with current regulations. The Organismo Agenti e Mediatori collects reports of information and data from professionals and companies. Specifically, for virtual currency operators, it will collect quarterly data on operations carried out in the territory of the Italian Republic. 

Why is registration with the OAM important?

Being registered with the registry for virtual currency operators is a prerequisite for legally providing crypto services in Italy. In fact, the exercise of services on Italian territory related to the use of cryptocurrencies and the provision of digital wallets (wallets) is reserved exclusively for registered entities. With its registration with the OAM, Young Platform is in line with the legislative decree and will be subjected in full transparency to the necessary controls to ensure a positive experience for users.  

Young Platform: new €16 million investment round from Azimut

The fintech company Young Platform closes a €16m investment round led by Azimut to simplify and expand the access to the world of cryptocurrencies

Milan, 13 June 2022 – Azimut, one of the leading independent asset managers in Europe with over EUR 83 billion total assets, participated as lead investor in the EUR 16 million capital increase of Young Platform, an Italian fintech platform that simplifies the access to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Among Italy’s leading fintech scale-ups, Young Platform aims to simplify the access to the world of cryptocurrencies through a digital product platform and intensive educational and popularization activities on blockchain technology and its applications. Among the top three cryptocurrency trading platforms in Italy with 36% market share, the company had over 1 million users at the end of the first quarter of 2022, equal to 11 times the previous year’s volumes. It aims to become a smart digital bank with a focus on new digital services. 

Azimut’s EUR 11 million investment was made through a consortium formed by the Digital Asset Opportunity Fund VCC, launched in collaboration with SBI and SYGNUM, the Azimut Digitech Fund created through a partnership with GELLIFY, and the Luxembourg-based vehicle Azimut Direct Investment Young Platform SCSp. This allowed the Group’s High Net Worth (HNW) customers, served by the network of financial advisors and wealth managers in Italy, to gain exposure to a constantly growing sector.

A pool of investors including Banca Sella, United Ventures and Abalone Venture also participated in the Azimut-led round to support the international expansion of Young Platform.

The cryptocurrency market almost tripled its capitalization in 2021, from $772 billion on the 1st of January to $2.19 trillion on the 31st of December (CoinMarketCap data) and is entering a new phase of development with growing interest from retail investors, as well as institutional investors. In particular, young Italians are among the most enthusiastic in Europe with 14% between the ages of 18 and 34 stating that they have bought or sold cryptocurrencies. Globally, more than a third of millennials believe cryptocurrencies will soon replace cash and cards (Deutsche Bank data).

The new capital investment will support Young Platform’s development plans, starting with the expansion of the team, from 41 to 110 members by the end of 2022, and geographic expansion into new markets such as Spain and France

Giorgio Medda, Chief Executive Officer and Global Head of Asset management & Fintech at Azimut Group, comments: “Despite the volatility, cryptocurrencies are emerging as a new asset class reflecting a new digital dimension of the economy that will be increasingly significant for generations Y and Z. Young Platform has developed crypto exchange capabilities in combination with gaming and educational verticals that are particularly valuable as we plan to grow a market segment for a new generation of investors who are looking to the future with financial perspectives based on non-traditional instruments. The Young Platform team uniquely combines technological capability and vision. From our perspective as global venture capital investors, with the experience of SBI and the support of GELLIFY, we believe there is great potential for its development in the European markets. This investment aims to be the cornerstone for the development of joint projects through which we can integrate blockchain and decentralized finance into our asset management platform as new investment and operational opportunities in the digital transformation of our industry, transcending market dynamics in the short term.”

Andrea Ferrero, CEO of Young Platform, comments: “We want to help people seize the new opportunities that technology offers to the world by attracting the best talent from technology and finance, or any other industry where the smartest people in the world are to be found, and grooming them to be innovative in this new industry. There are no defined rules in this industry, which means we can help write them. This is a huge chance that requires extremely creative problem solving and a true desire to change the status quo in every aspect, from marketing to tech to customer support and design.”

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Acqui-hiring: Young Platform absorbs the skills of Arithmos Trading Ltd

young platform arithmos

The acquisition will allow Young Platform to develop new and innovative proprietary trading algorithms, fully automatic and built ad-hoc for the crypto markets

Arithmos Trading Ltd has distinguished itself through its achievements, with dozens of certified track records and its methodology for designing new automated strategies

The operation will result in an Italian company bringing back talent and advanced technologies in the crypto world that had previously ended up abroad

Turin, 13 January 2021 – Young Platform S.p.A., the platform that simplifies access to the world of cryptocurrencies, has announced the acquisition of Arithmos Trading Ltd, a company specialising in the development of fully automated trading systems. An automated trading system processes multiple sources of information at a very high speed in order to maximise profit while minimising risk and human intervention.

Arithmos Trading Ltd’s algorithms have been proven, with certified track records and objective results, to address the changing and unique needs of the crypto markets. Through this operation, Young Platform intends to consolidate its position as a leading Italian crypto exchange, capable of bringing new and exclusive features to its users in the future.

Through the acqui-hiring operation, the intellectual property of Arithmos and its team will be integrated into Young Platform’s staff, thus allowing an Italian company to bring back advanced technologies and competencies in the crypto world that had previously ended up abroad.

Arithmos Trading Ltd was established in London in 2020 after years of research and development by its two founders, Edoardo Degli Innocenti and Matteo Meinardi, both engineers with MBAs from the Collège des Ingénieurs. In a short time, Arithmos has managed to invent a proprietary methodology capable of building robust algorithmic trading systems capable of automatically trading in more than 20 different markets simultaneously.

The great flexibility and originality of the strategies of the London-based firm, which has developed three different families of trading systems capable of generating net profits of over 70% per year, will allow Young Platform to enable a set of new exclusive features for platform users in the future, based on the most modern techniques of strategy design and artificial intelligence, thus gaining a further concrete competitive advantage in the market.

The operation is strategic in the overall industry landscape, which has seen major international financial market players introduce innovative algorithmic trading products during the pandemic to ensure better services and help clients navigate the increasingly complex and volatile market dynamics.

Edoardo Degli Innocenti and Matteo Meinardi, founders of Arithmos Trading Ltd, commented: “We are proud to have achieved such ambitious results in just two years, thanks to a focus on the development of innovative and effectively integrated products, from which we expect considerable synergistic contributions to accelerate the growth of Young Platform into an industry leader.”

Andrea Ferrero and Mariano Carozzi, CEO and Chairman of Young Platform, commented: “We believe that artificial intelligence applied to trading will play a significant role in Young Platform’s future. The solutions developed by the Arithmos team are the highest in terms of reliability and performance. We are excited about Young Platform’s upcoming future, and with this team on board, we hope to further accelerate our development at an international level as well. “

Young Platform and Satispay: now it’s even easier to buy Bitcoin


Turin, 22 November 2021

Starting today, all Young Platform users will be able to top up their wallet for free via Satispay to buy Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks.

Young Platform, Italy’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, integrates Satispay, Italy’s leading mobile payment system with over 2 million users, as a payment method within its platform.

With this new integration, from today all Young Platform users will be able to top up their wallet directly with Satispay, instantly and free of charge.
All Young Platform users will now have a new way to top up their wallets via traditional bank transfer and credit card in order to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum and over 25 other cryptocurrencies on the platform.

“Young Platform and Satispay are two Italian companies that share many commonalities and we are confident that this integration will make life even easier for our users. Our goal is to continue to offer our community new ways to access the cryptocurrency market and now this is even easier,” said Andrea Ferrero, CEO and Co-Founder of Young Platform.

Young Platform in recent months closed a €3.5 million Series A round led by United Ventures and in which a pool of selected Italian and international investors and business angels also participated, including Ithaca Investments, Luca Ascani as a scout for Accel, Max Ciociola and Pietro Invernizzi.

“Being the first crypto company to integrate Satispay is a reason of great satisfaction for us,” says Diego D’Aquilio, Business Developer at Young Platform.
“We are working to add more and more new features in the coming months that will allow our users to access Bitcoin and all major cryptocurrencies: this integration with Satispay is just the starting point,” concludes D’Aquilio.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Young Platform raises €3.5 million from United Ventures

Turin, 28th June 2021. A few months after Young’s third birthday, we want to celebrate with you a new stage in our history. We have closed a new €3.5 million capital increase with United Ventures, one of the Italian leading venture capital funds in Italy specialising in investments in digital technologies.

This Top League round represents an important confirmation for Young Platform, which will allow us to consolidate our leadership in Italy and lay the foundations for an international expansion.

Founded to bring transparency, inclusion and education to the world of personal finance and digital assets, Young Platform will continue to develop new services related to cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance, while maintaining our community-driven identity, and focus on user education through user-friendly products. 

Young Platform is first and foremost a community, a group of enthusiasts and professionals who share valuable know-how. This sharing principle has resulted in our products becoming educational tools for people who want to enter the crypto market but don’t know where to start, as they can access the knowledge base to do so in an informed manner. 

We believe that education and awareness are the best ways to get started, that’s why our educational content is available for free to all levels of experience, with 24/7 support.

The company, the team, and our community of nearly 300,000 cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts could not have found a better partner than United Ventures’ team.

United Ventures’ mission is to identify and promote disruptive innovations in the Italian technology industry and turn them into international businesses. However, what has certainly driven our union is the sharing of common values – first and foremost, the belief in always putting people first.

Their investment portfolio already includes the likes of MusiXmatch, Moneyfarm and Faceit. It is therefore an honour to join this team and bring our community with us.


To the moon!

Team Young

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Young for diversity and inclusion

2021 is an important year for Young: it represents the beginning of the democratisation process of the cryptocurrency market through its products and services. The Young ecosystem is evolving to reach full integrated accessibility.


The importance of accessibility

Computer accessibility concerns about 20% of the world population: this is the percentage of people with visual, mobility and cognitive impairments that affect their personal use of the web. More than 1 billion people can’t take full advantage of the potential of the web, of its sources and its services.

Besides people with visual and mobility difficulties, there are several profiles that need accessible websites.

Starting today, the main website and the Young Platform exchange are available to all people who have difficulties in using online services, thanks to the partnership with AccessiWay.


The integrated solutions

Navigation adjustments with a screen reader for blind individuals and keyboard navigation for people with mobility difficulties have been integrated. Images can be transformed into detailed descriptions, characters can become readable with adjustable size changes, spacing, colour contrasts, sliders, text emphasizing, and more.

In 2018, with the Legislative Decree n. 106 amending and updating the Law n.4/2004, Italy has adopted the EU Directive 2016/2012, in order to increase computer and mobile app accessibility in the public sector of each Member State.

Even though the private sector does not fall under the Legislative Decree, Young undertakes to comply with the terms established by the European Union, achieving full compliance with the law.


The CEO comments

“During the last year, Young has been making progress in a process of inclusion that is not only present within the company but it actually lies in our community.

Starting today, thanks to the partnership with AccessiWay, our exchange platform and website have been adapted to the needs of those people that might find web browsing difficult” says Andrea Ferrero, “This is certainly a starting point, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Anyway, the Young community is an integral part of our DNA and it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone can benefit from the technological change of which we are advocates.”


Young among the Leaders Under 30 of 2021 for Forbes Italia

Today is a special day for the Young team! 🙌

It is with great satisfaction that we thank Forbes Italy for having included the 6 founders of Young among the 100 Leaders of the Future Under 30. 🚀

Together with the other under-30 entrepreneurs, we are contributing with the power of our ideas and our startups to revolutionise the way we work, care for ourselves, invest and buy.

We have come a long way since the beginning and we owe this mainly to you, our community and our investors. 💚

Together we want to celebrate this great achievement with you.

It took a healthy amount of madness, sleepless nights and a blind and unwavering faith in the team.

Enjoy your reading and on to the next goal!

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Young Platform continues its social commitment: support Dynamo Camp

Join the Dynamo Camp’s fundraising campaign by donating cryptocurrency through Young Platform’s app

Young Platform now offers to all its users the possibility to donate for Dynamo‘s new fundraising campaign, by inserting a banner inside the Stepdrop app and on the Young Platform exchange.

Dynamo Camp Onlus is an association that offers free Recreational Therapy programs to children from 6 to 17 years old, suffering from serious or chronic diseases, to their families and brothers and sisters. The activities take place at Dynamo Camp and, with Dynamo Programs, in hospitals, pathology associations and family homes in the main cities of the Italian territory.

“After contributing to the success of the Italian Red Cross fundraising with Helperbit, Young Platform’s commitment to supporting charitable initiatives continues,” said Andrea Ferrero, CEO & Co-Founder of Young Platform.

“In a difficult time like the one we are experiencing, we believe that it is more important than ever to support and introduce our users to realities like Dynamo that have been committed to helping the community for years”, concludes Ferrero.

Dynamo, which has been in business for over 13 years, structures its activities according to the Dynamo Recreational Therapy model, which has objectives of fun and entertainment but also and above all of being a stimulus to children’s abilities and of renewing self-confidence and hope.

“We hope that this is only the beginning of a long collaboration between our two realities. We are in fact already working on further initiatives, such as some ad hoc features on our Stepdrop app designed for Dynamo and the possibility of making donations directly in cryptocurrency,” says Diego D’Aquilio, CMO & Head of International Expansion of Young Platform.

Dynamo is part of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, which since its first Camp in Connecticut in 1988 by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, has seen more than 1,185,000 children and family members participate in its programs around the world from more than 50 countries. Since 1988, 275,800 volunteers have dedicated their time to SeriousFun projects, demonstrating how deeply rooted and internationally present this organization is.

To help raise money for Dynamo:

Cryptocurrency, capital increase for the Italian exchange Young Platform


Only 5 months after the launch of its exchange, Young Platform has opened a capital increase and appointed a Board of Directors

Young Platform announces the opening of a new capital increase and the appointment of the Board of Directors, despite the difficult moment due to the COVID-19 emergency. 

Only 5 months after the launch of the Young Platform exchange, the company, based in Turin and with an office in London, has recorded a significant growth both in terms of registered users and volumes transacted, in a market such as that of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, which seems to be reacting positively to the current financial crisis. 

“In this challenging worldwide economic situation we decided not to stop but to react by announcing two important new operations”, says Andrea Ferrero CEO & Co-Founder of Young. “We have in fact opened a capital increase involving a number of highly prestigious Italian and international investors and appointed a Board of Directors whose objective is to institutionalize the company and give more and more credibility to our sector”, concludes Ferrero. 

In addition to Ferrero himself, the new Board of Directors is composed of Mariano Giovanni Carozzi and Alberto Bertagnolio Licio, formerly Young’s CFO. 

Carozzi has decades of experience in the banking world (first in Banca Sella and then in Banca Profilo) and for several years he has been personally involved in the evolution of the Italian fintech world (having founded Prestiamoci and having been Chairman of Tinaba). 

“I decided to embrace the project because I strongly believe in its team and in the further growth of this sector, a growth which we will witness in the coming years and of which Young will be the absolute protagonist”, says Carozzi. 

The company has also identified in the law firm “Gitti and Partners” (specifically in Prof. Gregorio Gitti) and in the notary Remo Maria Morone the professional figures who will guide it in the coming months in a path with the ultimate goal of making Young Platform the first fully regulated Italian exchange of cryptocurrency. 

This path began a few months ago with a collaboration agreement on Anti-Money Laundering with Netech and with the subsequent inclusion within the company structure of Mr Ettore Valsecchi as AML Manager (who has thirty years of experience in the sector and who collaborates on these issues with the most important Italian financial institutions) and with the appointment of Mr Alessandro Perillo as Internal AML Manager. 

“Over the last few difficult weeks, Young Platform has also entered into new partnerships with some of the most important international companies in the blockchain world, which will be announced shortly, and was supported by Helperbit in a cryptocurrency fundraising campaign for the Italian Red Cross, thus confirming that the crypto ecosystem at international level is in turmoil and more alive than ever,” says Diego D’Aquilio, CMO & Head of International Expansion of Young Platform.