Black Friday: Club discounts and boosted referrals

The best time to join Young Platform’s clubs? The blackest day after Halloween

If you are on the hunt for offers, you just hit jackpot: you have found two at once.

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Young Platform makes Club membership more convenient and increases the referral bonuses. Below you will find all the details!

What are the Black Friday promotions?

First of all, you have from 24 November at 11am UTC to 27 November at 10.59pm UTC to make this Black Friday count on Young Platform!

There are two opportunities:

  1. You can join a Club by blocking less YNGs
  2. You get more rewards for successfully completed referral invitations

Let’s start with Clubs, specifying the discount applied to each level, and the resulting amount of YNG needed:

  • Club Bronze
    1500 YNG – 10% = 1350 YNG
  • Club Silver
    5000 YNG – 15% = 4250 YNG
  • Club Gold
    10000 YNG – 20% = 8000 YNG
  • Platinum Club
    25000 YNG – 30% = 17500 YNG

Not familiar with our Clubs? It’s easy, you block tokens once and enjoy the benefits as long as you want, at no extra cost! On this page you will find all the details.

And now the invitations:

The bonus you receive for correctly inviting a person to Young Platform is raised from €10 to €50. NB: The maximum number of invitations with which the bonus can be received is 5. 

Time to convince that lazy friend!

Why join Clubs now?

Thanks to the discounts you will have to block less YNG – remember that these tokens do not have to be spent – but there are 7 other reasons not to miss out on this opportunity!

  1. Up to 100% discount on buying and selling fees and deposits – your money box will thank you!
  2. Throughout November, card deposits cost less;
  3. Get a WeRoad coupon for your next trips
  4. Save on groceries with HelloFresh’s tasty packages
  5. Use a secure connection thanks to a super discount at NordVPN
  6. And the seventh? Well, you’ll be the first to try out the new feature (and the next ones) coming to Young Platform!

Sign up now for the level that’s right for you, to make the New Year more carefree and be able to seize all the new opportunities!

International business payments: the solution is on blockchain

The international business payments industry is growing and overcoming several challenges, also thanks to blockchain

International business payments are estimated to have reached 39.3 trillion in 2023, and the trend is expected to stay positive in the coming years.

While globalisation initially fuelled the phenomenon, it is only in recent years that the real leap forward has been made. Since the pandemic, in fact, more and more companies are using online marketplaces to purchase goods and services, giving a strong boost to B2B e-commerce.

There are many cases where companies have to make cross-border payments, here are some of the most common:

  • B2B E-commerce
  • Import-export
  • Software subscriptions (SaaS)
  • Salaries of international staff
  • Trading and corporate investments
  • Repatriation of funds and cash flows (multinationals)

The timing and costs of traditional payment methods, however, limit business growth and have real impacts on cash flows.

Thus, in recent years, new players have emerged in the fintech sector, which have developed solutions both with existing models and by exploiting new technologies such as blockchain. 

Let us elaborate below on the problems of international business payments and the solutions being developed.

The problems of international payments today

Despite the digitalisation drive and the emergence of numerous innovative and efficient payment solutions, the development of this sector is not homogenous and synchronised worldwide. Therefore, obstacles and challenges still exist in the field of foreign payments, as several studies show. 

Costs and settlement

Credit card circuits charge fees between 2 and 4% for international payments.

Bank transfers such as Swift and SEPA, on the other hand, rely on complex global networks, which may include numerous intermediaries and consequently higher costs and extended timeframes, as well as opaque or unpredictable information about these. 

In general, cross-border business payments can cost up to 10 times more than a domestic payment.

In terms of costs, the need to exchange currency also plays a significant role. Each intermediary may charge various conversion fees, offer different exchange rates, or not provide sufficient visibility of the rate charged. Let’s say a US company accepts payments in Japanese yen: if these weaken against the dollar, the company will get less revenue than expected.

There is also an outdated habit of some banks that affects costs: that of keeping a separate account with foreign currency funds at another bank. This type of account, called ‘nostro/vostro account’, is used to facilitate high volumes of foreign exchange, but has exorbitant costs that can be passed on to customers.

Regarding settlement times, a cross-border payment can take up to one working week.

This is due to a number of factors. First of all, most banks in the world are still restricted by weekday inactivity and daily closing times.

Not only that: many institutions still refuse to update their software or even automate processes. This means that many operations are still manual and therefore slower.

Payment latency naturally impacts the liquidity and cash flow of the companies involved, but above all exposes them to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Transparency and security

While in Europe we are used to the extreme simplicity provided by the single currency and a good-enough adoption of efficient and up-to-date payment systems, this is not always the case. The financial system is very fragmented at both the technical-structural and regulatory level. 

Financial regulation is constantly changing within different countries and economic areas. Therefore, it can be complex to maintain adherence and compliance with the laws of each country with which one conducts business.

In this context of diversity, which implies different security and quality standards, cases of poor user experience and lack of traceability of transactions are frequent.

A simple and transparent experience, on the other hand, is also crucial to ensure security, an aspect that should always be taken into account when handling payments. International ones are all the more vulnerable to cyber attacks and fraud attempts that exploit the lack of information and differences between financial systems. Therefore, companies carrying out global transactions must equip themselves with a solid security system and be aware of the dangers of the specific market they are entering.

Speaking of differences, the cultural aspect should also not be underestimated: the language barrier can intervene to complicate the experience and the resolution of problems such as disputes or refunds.

All these issues are felt most by small businesses, which have less access to resources to employ in this area. It is therefore not so much a matter of inventing new solutions from scratch, but of making them available: it’s about accessibility.

New technologies and their advantages

The adoption of new payment solutions does not only mean solving the above-mentioned problems, but also opening up new opportunities. To summarise, here are the 3 key benefits of innovating in this area:

  1. Efficient international payments make it easy to open up to new markets and adapt to them in order to attract customers.
  2. The automation implemented by fintech solutions speeds up the processing of transfers, avoids human errors and systematises fraud prevention. It also saves money, especially in the long term.
  3. Greater transparency on costs, settlement times and exchange rates allows companies to forecast their expenses more accurately and optimise them.

So what are these solutions and how are they shaping up? 

In the banking and traditional payments sector, there’s talk about features and services such as:

  • Optimisation of currency exchange rates, e.g. through APIs providing real-time data on foreign currency prices and the actual application of the desired rate.
  • Virtual accounts, to manage their customers’ virtual balances more efficiently.
  • Local acquiring or intelligent routing, to rely on a network of local banks in order to better manage payments to a given country.
  • Multi-currency accounts, so as to avoid opening several accounts to manage different currencies.

Needless to say, these are just pieces of possible solutions, there is no definitive one.

In general, the most established payment circuits are beginning to build services focused on international trade. Among them, Swift launched Swift Global Payment Innovation in 2017, then Swift Go and Payment Pre-validation, which promise breakthroughs in settlement times and transparency. The circuit is also studying the possible benefits of CBDCs in this regard.

By the way, it is interesting to note how traditional institutions are increasingly moving towards blockchain

The blockchain and stablecoins

The benefits of blockchain have been identified mainly by digital payment providers, digital banks and card issuers.

Visa, in fact, launched B2B Connect in 2019, a solution that leverages the blockchain to facilitate transactions between banks, without requiring a card. Mastercard Send has also joined the trend, providing instant global payments through a private blockchain.

But why do the market leaders in digital payments choose blockchain, and how do they use it?

First of all, transactions on blockchain take only a few minutes, require very low fees and are easily traceable. Moreover, they can be executed in stablecoins, blockchain-compatible representations of fiat currencies. These, unlike cryptocurrencies, are not particularly volatile, as they replicate the trend of the dollar.

Thus, one can simply send stablecoins and convert them into fiat instantly so as not to incur price fluctuations during payment.

Stripe, one of the world’s largest fintechs, has also realised this, offering merchants the ability to transact with the USD Coin stablecoin. Visa, on the other hand, is exploring the use of USDC and the Ethereum network; while American Express has been working with Ripple since 2017 to process international business payments.  

It is not necessary, however, to enter into partnerships or subscribe to an expensive payment service.

You can start taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain for your company’s international payments in an even simpler way. By creating a Business Account on Young Platform you can easily buy, send and receive cryptocurrencies, plus access various services designed specifically for businesses.

On the account you will have all operations under control and a support service always available. 

Contact the team for more information at [email protected]

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Step 3.0: A New Journey Begins!

Step’s evolution into a crypto game continues: discover the new Hub and Journey, with new challenges and lessons

Last summer we introduced the first elements of Step 3.0: levels, profile and experience points.

Today the crypto game takes another important evolutionary step. In a nutshell, in the Home you will find a guided path to discover cryptos (and more). But let’s go step by step, and delve into all the new features.

The Journey

You will find an entirely new Home, which will guide you through the blockchain maze, showing you the way. 

You will be the protagonist of a futuristic journey, for which you only need two things: a great deal of curiosity… and downloading the Step update!

You will be teleported on a path that is first gentle and then gradually more challenging: you will start as a Newbie, then become Analyst and finally Master. 

During this adventure you will develop various skills and habits such as walking, analysing markets and acquiring new knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you already know Web3 like the back of your hand, or if you’ve never heard of it, in the ‘Education’ challenges you will find both the basics and trivia and insights into crypto. All of this, in highly digestible pills.


On the way, you will meet a robot who will reveal a secret to you: if you take a little detour, you can accumulate extra XP and YNG. Just follow the signs for Missions.

You may have already used them, in fact they have been live for quite some time now, but we have not yet given them the recognition they deserve. On the other hand, the Step community has appreciated them very much and we are very happy about that.

For those unfamiliar with them, they are events lasting a few weeks, which allow you to win YNG if you complete all the required Quests. 

Try them, we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. It’s not over yet, continue below to find out how we rearranged Step.

Hub and navigation

We have not forgotten about seasonal cleaning and renovation: user experience is crucial and we always keep an eye on it. 

Thus the Step sections became three, making the app more essential, but at the same time richer.

  • The Home section is dedicated to the Journey, and there you will always find your personal achievements and profile.
  • Missing the old features? You can find them all in the Hub. Here you can redeem steps, make forecasts and complete Quests also outside the Journey, in the order you want.
  • On the right hand side you will find ‘Explore‘, where you can read and view lots of new content by endlessly scrolling. Read market news, watch in-depth videos, or brush up on theory.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, we are excited to hear what you think of these new features. For our part, we will never stop improving Step by following the advice of the community and will accept all kinds of comments. 

The real journey? Building Step together, so that it may stay the most effective and fun way to learn about cryptocurrencies! 

Buying Lido DAO (LDO) is now possible!

From today, a new crypto is available on Young Platform: find out all about the listing of Lido DAO (LDO)!

Now you can finally buy, sell and store Lido DAO (LDO) on Young Platform. Check out the main features of this DeFi project and its crypto, to find out if it’s right for you!

Lido DAO: all you need to know

Lido is among the leading projects in the DeFi landscape today, as the most widely used liquid staking protocol for Ethereum.

In a nutshell, thanks to Lido, it is possible to stake ETH or MATICs and receive tokens in return that can be used on the most popular DeFi services, including DEXs and Yield Farming platforms.

LDO, on the other hand, is the governance token: it means that whoever owns it can vote in the decisions that govern the operation of the protocol. At the time of writing, the token ranks 35th by market capitalisation.

Also thanks to its token, Lido DAO is a particularly decentralised service, being governed precisely by a DAO. The latter is a decentralised autonomous organisation, which enables the management of a project in an automated and participative manner.

The project stems from the desire to solve the limitations of ETH staking, which were particularly acute during the run-up to the Merge between 2020 and 2022. Specifically, by some developers and personalities from the Ethereum community such as Stani Kulechov and Jordan Fish (@cobie on Twitter).

The 3 investment rounds that enabled the development of the project were led by Paradigm and a16z. Not only that, the protocol was verified through technical audits by no less than 14 bodies. 

Curious to learn more? Dive deep into Lido DAO with Academy!

How to use LDO on Young Platform

Here are all the features available for Lido DAO (LDO) on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro:

  • Buying and selling with EUR
  • Recurring purchase
  • Depositing from another wallet or sending via the Ethereum network
  • Creating a Single Coin Moneybox or Curated Bundle

Multinetwork: transfer your cryptos conveniently

Send your cryptos via your preferred blockchain, to and from Young Platform with the Multinetwork

For some time now, many people in the community have been asking us to introduce the possibility of withdrawing and depositing crypto via different networks, such as Layer-2s. Here’s what it means and the perks of the Multinetwork feature!

What are networks?

During your journey in the crypto market, you might want to use a wallet or a DeFi application. 

To add cryptocurrencies to these wallets and use these apps, however, you will have to go through an exchange to convert euros into crypto.

Or, at some point, you might want to transfer the tokens you got from these applications to Young Platform, so you can convert them, or keep them to simplify your funds management.

To transfer crypto from Young Platform to other crypto applications and vice versa, you’ll go through the network of a blockchain.

And here is the heart of the matter: which blockchain to use?

Each cryptocurrency, in fact, is supported by different blockchains (and networks): BTC can mainly be transferred via the Bitcoin network, ETH via Ethereum and so on.

Over time, however, several increasingly fast and convenient blockchains have emerged, especially for transferring Ethereum’s native cryptocurrencies. Layer-2s such as Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon have allowed ETH and all ERC-20 tokens to circulate in a scalable and efficient manner.

Therefore, in many crypto applications you will find the possibility of using different blockchain networks. Now you can do this on Young Platform too!

Which new networks are supported?

In this first round, the new networks only concern ETH, USDC and USDT, the most widely used cryptos in DeFi. New ones will be added in the future.

Here are the new networks supported for withdrawals and deposits:


  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • BSC


  • Polygon
  • Tron
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • BSC


  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism

The complete list of networks can be found on the Prices and Fees page, while guides on how to withdraw and deposit are available on our Support Portal.

Take advantage of the Multinetwork to transfer your cryptos in the fastest and cheapest way!

Warning: cryptocurrency transfers sent on the wrong network, or to the wrong wallet, or without a memo/tag may not be recoverable.

In November, card deposits cost you less!

Promo: Reduced Fees for November!

Moonvember is on the horizon, following the much-loved Uptober, embraced by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fans of green candles. What sets Moonvember apart? It’s the month when using your card for deposits on Young Platform becomes exceptionally convenient.

Reduced fees for card deposits

During November, Young Platform provides its users with a chance to take advantage of decreased deposit fees, enhancing the accessibility of purchasing and trading Bitcoin.

Previously, card deposit fees on Young Platform stood at 2.2% + €0.25 as a fixed cost.

However, with this exclusive promotion, fees have been reduced to 1.89% + €0.25, resulting in substantial savings with each deposit you make on the platform.

How to make the most of this promotion

Following the notable surges in Uptober, it’s crucial to reassess your strategy as we enter the prolonged winter of the bear market and contemplate necessary adjustments. The ever-present menace of FOMO is well-known, so how can it be mitigated?

One approach is to employ tools that help us “switch off” these emotional responses, enabling more reasoned decision-making. An effective strategy is recurring purchases, which prevents hasty purchases driven by the fear of missing out on the following price swing or overreacting to market fluctuations.

With recurring purchases, you can establish a regular plan to set aside a percentage of your income in cryptocurrencies, averaging the purchase price over time. This approach helps to reduce the impact of immediate price variations and get the most value from your purchases in the long run. In other words, dollar-cost averaging helps you remain rational and disciplined in a highly volatile market, leveraging a well-considered long-term strategy.

The special discount on card deposit fees further enhances the benefits of creating a BTC Moneybox using this deposit method. If you’re already a member of a Club on Young Platform, you can even enjoy additional discounts.

The Halving Countdown Has Begun

Have you ever contemplated purchasing Bitcoin multiple times but consistently postponed it? Perhaps due to the concern that it might be too late? Now might be the opportune moment to take action. As Cameron Winklevoss, one of the renowned Winklevoss twins, aptly reminds us, “The window for acquiring Bitcoin before its integration into conventional exchanges is closing.” Cryptocurrencies, which have aroused institutional interest, are evolving into an increasingly intricate asset class offered by major banks and financial institutions.

This is why, amidst price rallies, the approaching halving event, and institutions knocking at the door, we’ve created this November promotion, offering you the chance to navigate this market phase with greater confidence and success.

Login Young Platform

New feature: convert small balances into YNG

One of the community’s most requested features has arrived: the conversion of ‘Dust’ into YNG tokens! 

You know when, after a sale, you are left with a few cents of a cryptocurrency, which you will probably never buy again? 

Doesn’t it bother you, every time you scroll through your wallet and see a microscopic balance, those pennies you can never sell? 

It’s finally time to get rid of them!

From today, those forsaken cents find a utility: you can convert them into YNG tokens with the new Dust feature.

How does it work?

You can convert all cryptocurrencies available on the exchange into YNG. This means that a cryptocurrency is only compatible with the Dust function if you can buy and sell it normally. Consequently, cryptos listed only to support airdrops and delisted cryptos are excluded.

Converting Dust is very easy (and also quite satisfying):

  • Go to the Wallet section of the app or website
  • Click on the button ‘Turn small balances into YNG’.
  • Select the cryptocurrencies you want to convert
  • Click on ‘Convert’ to complete the procedure and receive YNG.

We know you can’t wait: tidy up your wallet and collect YNG!

Sub Accounts: how they work and how to use them

Does your company have a crypto portfolio? Sub Accounts are the best way to manage different strategies or delegate activities

Learn what Young Platform’s Sub Accounts are and how to use them to better manage your corporate cryptocurrency portfolio. 

What are Sub Accounts?

Typically in a trading platform, a ‘Sub Account’ (SA) is a type of account subordinate to a main one, called a ‘Master Account‘ (MA).The MA may thus create secondary and segregated accounts, each of which may have different purposes. 

This facility is used for different purposes, but is usually set up to manage funds or assets separately. Here are just some of the common situations in which the Sub Account functionality could be useful: 

  1. Management: possibility of using Sub Accounts to separate funds for different trading strategies or markets. For example, a trader might have one SA for day trading and another for long-term investments.
  2. Monitoring: Sub Accounts allow transactions executed in different strategies or portfolios to be monitored separately. This can simplify record keeping and performance evaluation.
  3. Risk: SAs can be used to set commensurate risk limits for different trading activities. This helps to avoid excessive losses on a specific account.

In essence, Sub Accounts offer greater flexibility and control in the management of funds. Let us now turn to the advantages of choosing the Young Platform service.

Young Platform Pro Sub Accounts

The functionality is available on demand and only from the Pro version of Young Platform, where it is very simple and intuitive to use. But first let’s see what it consists of.

The Master Account has full powers to:

  • Send and withdraw funds to and from any SA
  • Move funds between accounts (free of charge, no fees)
  • View and manage SA orders
  • Check SA balances
  • View transactions executed by SAs
  • Enable or disable certain cryptocurrency pairs for individual SAs
  • Remove SAs
  • Reset SA passwords
  • View the access history of SAs

In addition, Sub Accounts can be ‘Managed’ or ‘External’, where the former is the mode dedicated to the company’s legal representative who wants to use both an MA and an SA, while the latter is the mode more suitable for teams. In the ‘External’ mode, the MA is managed by the legal representative, while the SA can be given to team members or collaborators.

The advantage of Young Platform is that you can combine this functionality with other services such as the Only Euro Bot: in this way, you simplify the receipt of cryptocurrencies in your account, without preventing you from making recurring trades or purchases.

In fact, as the Only Euro Bot simplifies the handling of payments in crypto by automatically converting them into euros, this can get in the way of trading. With Sub Accounts this is immediately solved: you activate the Bot on one account and with the other you focus on your market strategy.

Want to know more? Write to [email protected], our operators will contact you within 48h.

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Club Benefit: Get up to 74% discount on NordVPN plans

Only one person has the right to know what you do online: you. Discover NordVPN’s offer and the discount for your Club

Being tracked online is never pleasant, even if you have nothing to hide; and since we too are fans of online security and privacy, we thought NordVPN would be just the thing for Clubs.

What is NordVPN?

The function of a VPN (virtual private network) is usually to hide your IP address and allow you to surf in private mode, even on sites with geographical limitations.

NordVPN is a VPN that uses a network of servers all over the world: more than 5000 servers in 60 countries. But it is also much more! 

All plans, in fact, include these services:

  • Web access without geographical limits: explore the Internet from anywhere in the world
  • Surf safely even when connected to public Wi-Fi;
  • Worry-free sharing of files and information, e.g. to work or play online with other people;
  • Protection from malware, online trackers and malicious advertising.

More advanced plans even include Nordpass and Nordlocker, the password manager and encrypted file storage service, respectively.

In short, NordVPN has thought of everything: now you can surf carefree, having complete control over your data.

In all, it can be used from any device and is also very intuitive! It is not hard to see why it is one of the top VPNs. 

How does the benefit work?

NordVPN provides 3 packages: complete, plus and standard. For each of these you will see discounts already available on the official website. 

To these, the Young Platform Clubs add an additional cumulative discount, applicable to two-year plans only. 

Adding up the two promotions and including any extra months in the calculation gives this resulting discount:

  • Bronze and Silver: Up to –71% discount
  • Gold and Platinum: Up to –74% discount

How to apply the discount?

First, join a Club or upgrade to the most advantageous one with the Young Platform app.

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on the “Get NordVPN” button
  3. Select the two-year plan, and choose the package you prefer
  4. Clicking on the button “Get [package]” takes you directly to the payment page
  5. Here, enter your email address
  6. Click on “Got a coupon?” 
  7. Enter the discount code received by email
  8. Check that the code has been accepted
  9. Select a payment method (yes, even cryptocurrencies are accepted!)
  10. Conclude payment

If you have any problems, you can contact NordVPN customer service at [email protected], and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Token YNG: 3rd Quarter 2023 Report

yng token

The third quarter YNG Token report, with an in-depth look at Clubs and the latest news coming soon!

What happened in the last quarter? How many tokens have been issued, bought and sold, what goals have we achieved and what are the next steps? You can find a complete overview in this report, compiled in October 2023.

The numbers of Young Platform Clubs

YNG is Young Platform’s utility token and grants access to Clubs: the subscription plans that offer exclusive benefits dedicated to our biggest supporters. 

The Clubs, at the moment, consist of 1400 people, divided into: 

  • 1031 for the Bronze Club;
  • 167 for the Silver Club;
  • 121 for the Gold Club; 
  • 81 for the Platinum Club.

To join a Club, a certain amount of YNG must be blocked on the Young Platform exchange. The number of registered members is therefore important for analysing the distribution of the token, especially since the more people join a Club, the lower the selling pressure on YNG will be. What is the main consequence? A greater stability of the price of YNG. Since the last report, Club members have decreased by 9% but Platinum members have increased by 11%.

Distribution of the YNG token

The number of YNG in circulation at the end of June was about 22.7 million. The circulating supply at the beginning of October was about 23.1 million, which means that there was a net increase of about 400,000 tokens, or 1.7%. 

These tokens were distributed via the Young Platform Step app in different ways: 

  • 76,049 through the completion of Quizzes, Quests and Up&Down (prior to the implementation of the levels);
  • 331,830 through the completion of the Levels.

The YNG token market is run through an algorithm that defines the exchange rate by means of two underlying liquidity pools in EUR and YNG respectively. Initially, these pools contained:

  • 1M Euro;
  • 4M YNG.

Considering the token sales and purchases handled in the past months, as of October 2023, the pools contain:

  • 771K Euro;
  • 5.43M YNG.

This configuration is the result of purchases and sales during the third quarter, summarised below together with the price trend:

Goals achieved and next steps

During Q3 2023, we achieved a large number of goals and released as many new features. First of all, we successfully launched and concluded buyback operations, which, together with a modest amount of purchase volume, breathed new life into the Young token (YNG). In addition, our dedicated business services and the tax advice section of the site with expert accountants arrived. 

The community section also saw big news! Two new channels were opened: Telegram and WhatsApp, and activity on the Discord server increased. Finally, Club members can be, in part, satisfied; thanks to new benefits in the form of vouchers issued. Here are all the goals achieved during this quarter and the challenges that lie ahead for the next one.


The buy-back operations were successfully completed. We purchased a total of €62,000 of tokens through spot trades and then supported the price through limit orders. Young’s (YNG) price increased by 15% from the beginning of July and by 40% from the February lows.


We are still considering listing the Young token (YNG) on other exchanges. We are currently in negotiations with several centralised exchanges but are also considering opening up to the decentralised market (DEX).

Token tracking (CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko)

The weekly reminders sent to CoinMarketCap and Coingecko have, unfortunately, not produced any more results than those achieved in Q2 2022. We are currently listed as an exchange on CoinMarketCap, while the YNG token appears on CoinGecko, although, for the time being, no exchange volumes are available for both pages. The situation will probably unblock, at least as far as the token is concerned, when we list on another exchange.

Small balances


By popular demand, a new feature is coming soon, allowing you to convert small crypto balances into Young tokens. This way you can give new life to small amounts of cryptocurrency that you would not use.

Multi Network

This function, although it may seem secondary to some, is very important. Especially for those who intend to geek out with DeFi’s decentralised applications. It will soon be possible to deposit and withdraw Ethereum, USDT and USDC, also via the Arbitrum, Optimism and BSC networks. In this way you will be able to make the most of the opportunities offered by Web3 with very low deposit and withdrawal costs.

In the coming weeks, the Polygon zkEVM and Base networks, Layer 2, developed by Coinbase, will also arrive.


We have launched a new Telegram channel! The main objective is to try to counteract the many attempts to defraud our users. In the current group, which is still open but will be permanently closed in a few weeks, malicious actors can view the phone numbers of members who have not specified within the app to be hidden and contact them privately. 

Join our Telegram channel!

Young Platform’s new Telegram channel solves this problem. It is to all intents and purposes a channel (and not a group where the admins are the only ones who can post) and therefore the username and phone number of all members is blacked out.


We then also ventured into WhatsApp, which introduced Communities. These are larger and more customisable discussion groups than those used to communicate with friends or family. The Young Platform WhatsApp group will, for now, serve the same purpose as the Telegram channel. One more way to learn about all the news concerning our ecosystem and the crypto world.


Discord is the main place dedicated to our community, featuring a leaderboard where server members are ranked according to the XP (experience points) they possess. This will be used to reward the most active users of the server, those who are most committed to growing our ecosystem. During the quarter just ended, we prioritised other initiatives, but presumably some of the rewards in store for the community will come during this quarter. 

We have also created the channel reserved for our biggest supporters, the Platinum Club members, and we are working on creating those for other Club members as well.

Explore our Discord server


Twitter has changed its name, but still remains the main venue for promoting the YNG token. We have, to some extent, strengthened our collaboration with prominent members of the industry, who already support us, and we plan to enter into more. Unfortunately, it has not been possible so far to implement an automatic reward system (via the connection between X and Discord) due to the new policies of Elon Musk’s social network.

On our X profile we post daily content and memes, if you don’t follow us yet you should definitely do so!

Follow us on X

Fiscal Report

In May, we introduced for Italy and France one of the features we are most proud of. We are talking about the ‘Fiscal Report’, a document that simplifies filing crypto taxes, making it available for download in Pdf format. The Fiscal Report was developed in collaboration with Taxtris and is the first service of its kind offered by an Italian exchange. Please note that the Fiscal Report is discounted for Silver and Gold Club members, and free for Platinum Club members.

Vouchers and Benefits for Clubs

More amazing benefits for Clubs in the form of vouchers arrived in the third quarter of 2023, but this is no time to rest on our laurels. After We Road, a partnership with another famous brand is on the way this week. The theme of the collaboration is privacy, a concept very dear to us; but no more spoilers, at least for now!

Business services

Young Platform’s business services also opened up recently. In recent years, companies are beginning to understand how crypto is key to make their business competitive and scalable, while completing the long needed digital transition.

News on the way!

Finally, two more huge innovations await us in the coming weeks. The first is Young Platform Step, which will see the launch of a brand new education section that will allow users to get YNG in new ways. The second has to do with our exchange, where a feature never seen before in Italy is on the way.

A warm greeting from the Young Platform Team