New Community Sale record: 2 million YNG tokens purchased!

Community Sale of the YNG token: 2 million purchased

A few days after the first announcement, a new milestone: in one week of Community Sale, 2 million Young (YNG) were purchased!

The YNG token is among you! The pre-sale of the YNG token started on May 10, and within a week 2,000,000 have already been purchased. Affection and appreciation should never be measured in numbers, but in this case we make an exception because behind these 2 million YNG tokens are the passionate members of the Young Platform community who have faith in us and the project. 2 million thank yous! 

A 2 million token community!

The days until the launch of the YNG token in the market are fewer and fewer. We have been collecting messages of support since the 10th of May, enthusiasm is through the roof, and the countdown continues. There are only 6 days left until the end of the Community Sale, then what? Let’s wait for the listing! But if you want to secure Cashback now is the time to enter the world of Young Platform. You have until the 24th of May. For Cashback percentages and all the benefits of the Community Sale, you can check out the full guide and FAQs!

Clubs in sight

With the listing scheduled for the 31st of May, registration for Clubs, your privileged pass in the Young Platform experience, will open at the same time. To secure a spot in one of the 4 Clubs you will need to lock in a sum of YNG. How much is this sum? You can find the table with the Clubs and benefits at this link. The tokens used in the subscription are not to be considered “spent,” in fact when you do not want to renew your Club subscription, you can simply unlock them and they will become usable and available again for all buying and selling transactions. 

1 million YNG Tokens bought in the first 4 days of the Community Sale

After only 4 days of the Community Sale, 1 million YNG have already been purchased!

Today we celebrate a great achievement and take a moment to thank you and the entire Young Platform community for your support and trust in this great project of ours: the launch of the YNG token on the market! 

The Community Sale has been active since the 10th of May

Before the official listing scheduled for 31 May 2022, Young Platform organised a special sale for its community. From the 10th of May, you can buy YNG in advance and enjoy a number of benefits. Those who bought these YNG 1 million, did so with no fees and at a fixed price of €0.24 per token. They also received cashback (for a spend of €200 or more). Not bad, eh? Want to be one of YNG’s early adopters? You still have time until 24 May. 

How many YNGs have already been sold? How many are in circulation?

Young Platform’s tokenomics forecast a maximum circulating supply of 100 million, of which 1 million were sold in 4 days of Community Sale. Despite the sheer size of the figure achieved, YNG’s market adventure has only just begun!

Brace yourself, the news is not over!

YNG is a 100% European project, and Young Platform is proud of all the enthusiasm it is generating. A passionate community is the litmus test of a solid project. From the desire to enhance and reward our community, Clubs were born. Packages of discounts and unmissable benefits will soon be accessible by blocking certain amounts of YNG. The Clubs will be available from 31 May, at the same time as the launch of the Young token on the market.

Terra LUNA delisted from Young Platform

Following previous communication, Terra LUNA has been delisted from Young Platform.

After falling below 0.0055 USDT, LUNA’s EUR and USDT pairs and markets have been removed from the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges.

If you are a Pro user and at the time of delisting you had open limit orders, they will be closed automatically and you will be refunded the balance blocked in the order.

As a reminder, delisting means that it’s no longer possible to deposit, buy and sell LUNA, but withdrawal of the cryptocurrency to other wallets will of course remain enabled.

“Cryptocurrency withdrawal” means transfer via blockchain to another address on the blockchain, be it a wallet on a USB stick, a web wallet such as Metamask or another exchange. It, therefore, does not imply conversion into Euros or Tether, which is already impossible

Possible removal of Terra LUNA from Young Platform

Due to the current collapse in the price of Terra LUNA, we may have to delist the cryptocurrency.

We have therefore decided as a precautionary measure to remove it from the Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchange offer once it reaches below USDT 0.0055.
In this case both available pairs would be removed: LUNA-EUR and LUNA-USDT.

If you are a Pro user and at the time of any delisting you have open limit orders, they will be closed automatically and you will be refunded the balance used in the order.

Delisting means that you will no longer be able to deposit, buy and sell LUNA, but withdrawal of the cryptocurrency to other wallets would of course remain enabled.

“Cryptocurrency withdrawal” means transfer via blockchain to another address on the blockchain, be it a wallet on a USB stick, a web wallet such as Metamask or another exchange. It therefore does not imply conversion to Euro, which will be disabled..

Other useful information will be announced shortly.

Always remember that past earnings are not indicative of future returns. The information provided here should not be considered as financial or investment advice by Young Platform. All trading strategies are used at your own discretion and risk. Young Platform shall not be liable for any losses arising from the use of LUNA.

FAQ: Young Platform Clubs

How do the Clubs work? FAQ about the YNG token

Here are the Young Platform Clubs: packages of exclusive benefits and opportunities. Got doubts? Here is the FAQ!

Along with its market listing, the YNG token is introducing another new feature at Young Platform: the Clubs. They can be accessed by blocking a certain amount of tokens, and membership entitles you to discounts and promotions. What are Clubs? How many YNG do I need to block? How can I join? These and other questions are answered in this article. Welcome to the Young Platform Clubs FAQ!

Here you’ll learn:

  • What are the Clubs?
  • What are the main benefits?
  • How does signing up for the Clubs work?
  • How Clubs and staking intersect

The benefits

What are the Clubs?

Clubs are the evolution of the proportional discount plans given by holding YNG.

They are packages of advantages that are accessible by blocking YNG from the 31st of May*. The more YNG you block, the greater the advantages and the higher the Club level you’ll get.

What are the main advantages of the Clubs?

There are three main advantages expected immediately:

  • Discounts on buying and selling fees
  • Increased rewards in your Earning Wallet
  • Increased rewards in Airdrop events (cf. Sandbox)

My staking reward has not been increased, why is this?

If you already had active staking before joining the Club, with or without Auto-renewal, they will not be affected by the annual percentage increase. Even if you Auto-Renew a stake after joining the Club, it will still have the standard percentage.

To get the percentage increase, stakes will have to be terminated first. When you open a new stake it will have the corresponding increased APY if you are still in the Club.

If I already have a discount on fees, what discount will I get by joining a Club?

If you already have an active fee discount and you join a Club, you will only benefit from the higher discount of the two.

If I have enough YNG to upgrade my Club level, but my membership is not yet expired, how do I do that? 

If you have enough YNG to advance to the next club, you can do so even if your 90 days of membership are not yet up. You only need to block the missing YNG to move up a level. For example, if you want to upgrade from Silver to Gold, you only need to have 5000 YNG to block in your membership, as you already have the other 5000.

To make this upgrade, click on the sign up button for the next club. From the moment you confirm it, your new Club membership will last at least 90 days. 

On the other hand, it is not possible to unlock YNG before the end of a membership to downgrade to a lower club.

Do the fee discounts given by the Clubs also apply to Young Platform Pro?


Sign-up process

When does club membership expire?

You can join a Club at any time. Membership lasts for a minimum of 90 days, after which you can cancel it if you do not want to remain in the Club automatically.

What’s the minimum amount required to access a Club? 

You need to block at least 1500 YNG to access the Bronze Club.

Can I use blocked YNG tokens to join a Club?

No, only free YNG tokens that are useable within the Step Wallet can be used for Club membership.

When can I start signing up to Clubs?

From the 31st of May*.

How do I sign-up to a Club?

From the 31st of May* onwards, in the Club section of the Young Platform app, you will see the option to sign up and block the YNG tokens needed to access the Club you want. Membership lasts a minimum of 90 days.

Are Clubs also available on the Pro version?

No, the feature will only be available on the basic app.

How can I renew my membership?

After 90 days of mandatory membership, if you do not deactivate your membership manually, your membership will automatically be renewed.

Cancelling my membership

How can I cancel my Club membership?

You can only cancel your membership after 90 days. In the Club section of the Young Platform app, you will see the option to cancel your membership in a few simple steps.

What happens after I cancel my Club membership?

  1. Your blocked YNG will automatically be transferred to your Step wallet.
  2. You will lose all your Club benefits, as well as the ones from lower levels. Fees and staking rewards will return to standard level.
  3. If you have an active stake with an increased percentage from your Club, you cannot leave the Club if you have not waited until the end of the staking period or cancelled the stake (thereby also losing the reward).

*Dates may be subject to change because of delays caused by third parties involved in the process.

Your exchange opens its doors to the Community: here come the Clubs!

Community Sale Chapter 2: after Cashback, today we discover how Young Platform’s Clubs based on the YNG token work. Here are all the advantages!

On the 10th of May, we launched the Community Sale of the YNG token to allow Young Platform enthusiasts to play ahead of the rest of the market before the 31 May listing.

We have introduced the Cashback mechanism on YNG purchases over €200 and reconfirmed the fixed price of €0.24 until the 24th of May.

But Cashback is not the only advantage of the YNG Token: we have another card to play!

These are the Clubs, exclusive packages for token holders to experience the world of Young Platform even more intensely. It’s time to find out how they work and what benefits they bring!

What are the Clubs and how do they work?

Imagine experiencing Young Platform like a celebrity. Discounts, promotions and exclusive benefits at your fingertips. Imagine being part of an inspiring community and being in direct contact with the team at your favourite exchange. If only you could count on personal attention and five-star support. 

No need for daydreaming, the Clubs are coming to fulfil your fantasies! 

The crypto project of the moment decides to do an airdrop in collaboration with Young Platform? Perfect, you will receive a bonus on the tokens distributed!

Want to stake your cryptocurrencies? Great, your rewards will be increased and your assets won’t just gather dust!

So if you want the ultimate crypto experience on Young Platform, don’t miss out on the Clubs. These are packages of benefits that will be accessible from the 31st of May* by locking the YNG you own or buy. The more YNG you lock, the more benefits you will get and the higher your Club level will be.

Accepting the invitation to the Clubs also means actively contributing to the growth of Young Platform: in an ecosystem, as in a community, the success of one part is the success of all!

What are the advantages of the Clubs?

There are 3 main advantages available immediately:

  • Discounts on buying and selling fees 
  • Increase in rewards received via the Earning Wallet
  • Increase in rewards received during Airdrop events This is just the beginning – there will be more and more benefits in the future! (see Sandbox)
young clubs

How do I join the Clubs?

The Clubs are already visible from the 10th of May on Young Platform, but you can only sign up from the launch of YNG on the market, on the 31st of May*.

Only YNG from your Step Wallet can be used to join a Club, i.e. not locked YNG.

The minimum subscription period – and therefore the blocking of YNG used to join – will last 90 days.

After these 90 days, you can decide to unsubscribe and unlock the YNG, or stay subscribed and leave the YNG locked for as long as you want. 

Do you have more questions about how Exclusive Clubs work? Here are all the answers you need!

*Dates may be subject to change because of delays caused by third parties involved in the process.

Discover what YNG is, Young Platform’s community token!

yng token

The Young Platform token can be purchased in advance thanks to the Community Sale. Find out what YNG is and how it works!

We’re excited to introduce YNG, Young Platform’s token! With our Community Sale, we want to give you the chance to buy the token in advance, before the official launch. What’s the advantage of the pre-sale? To reward those who have always believed our exchange, you’ll get up to 15% cashback during the Community Sale. All without commissions! What’s more, for the duration of the Community Sale, the token price will remain locked at 24 cents. Find out what YNG is and how it works!

A token compatible with Ethereum

A token is a type of cryptocurrency that’s based on a blockchain external to the project that developed it. This means that Young Platform does not have its own blockchain, but has decided to create its YNG token on Ethereum, using its ERC-20 standard. Ethereum is one of the longest-running and most famous blockchains in the crypto world, and is used extensively for the creation of new tokens. The ERC-20 standard is among the most secure and widely used, and is the protocol of choice for cryptocurrencies of all types such as Chainlink, Tether and BAT. One of the features of the YNG token is therefore its compatibility with Ethereum! 

A community-token for a community-driven project

One of the cornerstones of Young Platform is its focus on the community. Thanks to YNG, everyone can enter the world of blockchain! The token allows you to not only be a passive spectator of the crypto world, but to become part of a technological ecosystem that is developing right now, before our eyes. You can earn rewards in YNG by studying and testing your knowledge on Young Platform Step, or you can unleash your inner trader by trading the token on our exchanges. Or you can enjoy exclusive bonuses reserved for those who block a certain number of YNG tokens in their Wallet. Whichever path you choose, with YNG you’ll have front row seats to watch this technological revolution with like-minded people!

Not only for expert traders!

After the end of the Community Sale, the official YNG listing will follow. What does this mean? It means you can unleash your inner trader and trade the Young token just like you trade Bitcoin and Ethereum! The price will no longer be locked at 24 cents but will be decided by the market, so take advantage of the cashback and fixed price to get a head start. Even if you’re new to trading, you’ll find the Young Platform services to be as simple and intuitive as you need to get started. 

But the news about the Young (YNG) token doesn’t end there. Buying and locking YNG will provide you with fantastic benefits to give you a tailor-made experience in the crypto world. Want to know more? All will be revealed tomorrow!

In summary, the YNG token reflects all the characteristics and ideals of Young Platform. The search for proven and reliable technologies, such as Ethereum, to promote a secure and certified experience. The focus on ensuring straightforward and no-nonsense services, to learn crypto by going straight to the point. But above all, the centrality of the community and the desire to reward its loyalty!

Now that you know what the YNG token is and how it works, why not be one of the first to join us in the Community Sale? Share your passion for cryptocurrencies and join Young Platform!

FAQ: YNG token community sale 

FAQ: How does the community sale of the YNG token work?

The YNG token Community Sale allows you to pre-purchase YNG while saving money and earning bonuses. Having doubts? Here’s the FAQ! 

Today, the 10th of May, the Community Sale of the YNG token has begun. The big news has been unveiled: YNG will be released into the marketplace at the end of the month. Young Platform has organised a pre-sale for all those who want to buy YNG before the market launch, and you are entitled to a number of benefits. Welcome to the Community Sale FAQ!

What is the Community Sale and how long does it last?

The Community Sale is a period of time during which our users are given the opportunity to purchase our proprietary YNG token at advantageous conditions (Cashback, 0% commission and fixed price): it will last from 10 to 24 May 2022.

How much does the YNG token cost?

During the community sale, one YNG is equivalent to 0.24€. 

Are there fees for buying YNG?

No. During the Community Sale, no fee is charged for the purchase of YNG.

Is the cashback an offer valid for all?

Yes, anyone can obtain the cashback reward, by buying at least 200€ worth of YNG. The offer is valid for new as well as old users.

What’s the minimum amount to obtain cashback for buying YNG? 

You need to make a purchase equivalent to at least 200€, or 834 YNG.

The general minimum purchase amount is only 10€ of YNG, however you will not receive cashback for a purchase worth under 200€

In what currency will I receive the cashback?


How long will the YNG I get from cashback be blocked?

90 days from the day you made the corresponding purchase. If you make more than one purchase, you will see the differentiated expiry date for each cashback received.

Is purchasing with Cashback also possible on Young Platform Pro?

No. You can only receive Cashback by purchasing on the web and mobile (app) version of Young Platform in its basic version.

What will happen after the Community Sale?

After the 24th of May, the buying and selling of the Young token (YNG) will be blocked – until the 30th of May*. After that YNG will be launched on the open market and potentially listed on other exchanges, then the price will start to change according to the law of supply and demand. At launch, the buying, selling and trading of the token will be simultaneously rehabilitated. 

What happens on the 31st of May*?

The Young token (YNG) will become like any other cryptocurrency on the market, i.e. volatile. Starting from the price of €0.24, depending on the supply and demand of users, i.e. how much is bought, purchased or held, the price could rise or fall.

When can I sell YNG?

From the 31st of May* onwards.

What are the technical characteristics of the YNG token?

Young (YNG) is a cryptocurrency, and more specifically an ERC-20 token, i.e. based on Ethereum’s standard protocol token. This means that it is compatible with Ethereum’s entire ecosystem of wallets, blockchains and Dapps.

The role of YNG within the Young Platform ecosystem is that of a utility token, i.e. a token that, in addition to having a price, only has added value within the product system for which it was created, offering a series of specific advantages and use cases. 

Is whitepaper for YNG available?

The whitepaper will be available the day of market launch, on the 31st of May*.

If I already have blocked tokens from the 2019 crowdfunding, how do I distinguish them from blocked tokens for the community Sale?

If you are a 2019 crowdfunding investor on Seedrs, within the “Locked YNGs” section you will see an amount labelled “Crowdfunding” and other amounts labelled “Community Sale” with different expiry dates.

Can I convert YNG to other cryptocurrencies?

No, it will only be possible after the market launch, if pair listings with other cryptocurrencies occur.

*Dates are subject to change because of delays caused by third parties involved in the process.

Buy the YNG token to claim Cashback and advantages

YNG Token: 3 reasons to buy it now

A preview for the community: the Young Token (YNG) for sale with exclusive benefits

A new chapter in the history of the YNG token starts here: YNG will be launched on the 31st of May 2022*! Yes, Young Platform is ready to take the plunge and introduce its token to the entire crypto world. All signs point to market listing, so raise your hand if you guessed right! What does “entering the free market” mean for YNG? It will be able to be bought, sold and transferred on any exchange and blockchain that supports it.

Young Platform wants to celebrate this milestone first and foremost with our users, so before the official listing there will be a special Community Sale where you can buy YNG with exclusive benefits. The Community Sale starts today, Tuesday 10th May and ends on Tuesday 24th May. Check out all the details and bargains waiting for you!

What do I need to know about the YNG token before I buy it?

  • It’s an ERC-20 token, so it’s compatible with the entire Ethereum ecosystem (also Layer2)
  • It’s a utility token, i.e. it is designed solely to have utility within the Young Platform ecosystem. It does not represent shares in the company.
  • Until the 31st of May* it will not be possible to sell YNG

Take advantage of the fixed price of the YNG token

The first opportunity you should not miss is the chance to buy YNG at its fixed price of 0.24€. The Community Sale will be the last time the price of YNG will remain unchanged, after listing and entering the market, the price of YNG will start to fluctuate according to supply and demand. To make it very simple: the less people sell and the more people buy, the higher the price – conversely, the less people buy and the more people sell, the lower the price.

You know what the beauty of it is? These people are you. It’s you and the community that determines the performance of YNG, the same people who have the opportunity to buy it in advance. It’s safe to say that YNG is a community-driven token!

What are the advantages of buying YNG before 24 May?

Bargains are not limited to the fixed price. Your support during this milestone for Young Platform is very important, and we want to reward it as it deserves. Here are the 3 great advantages of participating now (expires 24 May):

  • YNG will keep its fixed price at 0.24€. 
  • Commissions on the purchase of YNG will be reduced to zero.
  • If you buy more than 200€ of YNG you will receive Cashback in YNG

How does Cashback work?

If you purchase the YNG Token between the 10th and 24th of May, you will receive a percentage of YNG in Cashback based on the amount you purchased in Euros.

This offer is valid for all: those who signed up a while ago as well as new users.

YNG Token: 3 reasons to buy it now

From the minimum purchase amount of 10€, up to 199€, you will not receive cashback.

The cashback obtained will be credited immediately to your Young Wallet (YNG), within the “Locked YNG” section.

The cashback in YNG will be blocked for 90 days, i.e. it cannot be sold or transferred for 90 days, after which it must be manually unlocked..

For every single purchase you make, you will see a cashback blocked in this section on the exchange, each with its own clearly marked expiry date.

For all details, check the dedicated FAQ!

Fixes prices, zero commissions and cashback: this phase is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your favourite crypto exchange.

The launch on the crypto market is a momentous step in Young Platform’s history. YNG was first distributed through an Airdrop on Step in 2018, with over 1 million YNG issued to the initial community during the first year. From 2020, onwards YNG could be bought and sold at a fixed price on the Young Platform exchange, and this introduced its first utility: providing a discount on buying and selling commissions.

With the launch of its token in the market, Young Platform becomes a full-fledged crypto ecosystem. And YNG is the key that unlocks its full potential. Are you ready to invade the crypto sky with us, in a flock of early adopters?

*Dates may be subject to change because of delays caused by third parties involved in the process.

YNG Token: is the wait finally over? 

Young (YNG): new features for the token

Are you eagerly waiting for the YNG Token? Save the date: Tuesday 10th of May

Do you feel the buzz in Young Platform lately?

Questions about the token are everywhere: in posts, in comments, the Telegram chat, Youtube…

A few days ago we launched staking on the exchange and temporarily blocked buying and selling for the YNG Token.

So what’s going through our minds?

We will reveal our plans one step at a time, like a treasure hunt. We can only make one spoiler: the big star will be the YNG Token!

But what actually is the Young token? It’s the cryptocurrency of the Young Platform ecosystem! Since 2019, the token has been distributed as a reward for Step quizzes and games and made available for trading on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro exchanges.. In a nutshell, YNG is the community token of the Young Platform, and for users it’s the reward for their commitment to studying crypto fundamentals and the chance to get exclusive promotions. YNG holders can get discounts on commissions. Technically, YNG is a utility token based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Thanks to the YNG token, the entire Young Platform project has established direct and lasting contact with its users, creating the largest crypto community in Italy! For the YNG token it is time for a new challenge…

The first details will only be revealed on Tuesday 10 May 2022, as usual on Young Platform’s App, Blog and Social media accounts. Tuesday will be the first date to write the new chapter of the YNG token together.

Have you figured out what this is about yet?